5 easy tips to cook quick vegan meals

5 easy tips how to cook quick vegan meals5 easy tips how to cook quick vegan meals

Time is the most precious thing we have. Also if it comes to cooking. During a busy day the majority of us prefer to cook a quick, easy but also satisfying meal. With time pressure and due to convenience we often tend to prepare unhealthy fast food instead of a balanced dish.

In today’s article I want to share 5 easy tips how to prepare quick and healthy meals. Even if you are a busy bee, making healthy meals doesn’t have to take a lot of time. These methods in the article help you put together satisfying meals under 30 minutes.

If you prefer meals on the go you can additionally download my cookbook with “5 quick & easy recipes TO GO” where I show you how to prepare delicious uncomplicated meals under 25 minutes.

But first things first – let’s start with 5 easy tips how to cook quick vegan meals after work. Grab a cup of tea and take a few minutes to check which methods you are implementing into YOUR daily life from now on.

1. Make a weekly dinner meal plan

Often we waste time while wondering WHAT to cook. Writing a weekly meal plan saves a lot of hours and helps to organize the week. Not only you save time because you are buying your fresh produce once a week only, but you also don’t need to think about what to cook after coming home from work. I already prepared a simple healthy but delicious dinner plan for you and linked the recipes accordingly. It took me 5 minutes to put this plan together. So no excuses, please :).

Monday:              RIGATONI MARINARA

Tuesday:              BLACK BEAN CHILI

Wednesday:        MAPLE GLAZED VEGGIES

Thursday:            CARROT POTATO SOUP

Friday:                 ONE POT PASTA

Saturday:            LENTIL FALAFEL & HUMMUS

Sunday:              RED LENTIL DAL

2. Leftovers can make a great meal

I love to prepare more food than necessary. This is a great way to use the leftovers for a delicious meal the next day or the day after. One dish to prepare is a mixed buddha bowl with all ingredients left from your previous meal. Another way to use leftovers is an easy peasy veggie stir fry. This quinoa veggie dish is all made from leftovers and it was delicious, healthy and satisfying as well!

3. Cook in bulks and freeze in portions

One of my favorite way to save time in the kitchen is to cook in bulks. With this method you can have a delicious meal the day you cook and freeze the rest for busy days. Even food blogging is my main job and I spend a lot of time in my kitchen, I sometimes experience busy days where it’s simply not possible to spend more than 30 minutes in the kitchen. Then, I am more than happy to open my freezer, take out a prepared healthy meal and just reheat it. From my experience this method is working great with bolognese, chili sin carne and other stews. Also a delicious curry can be a great option for the freezer (recipe for a quick curry available in my FREE cookbook below).

4. Keep your pantry stocked

For me, a great time saver is my stocked pantry. It makes frequently used ingredients like beans, grains and pasta accessible at any time. With a stocked pantry I have the freedom to start cooking without wasting time in the grocery store.

If you need help to define some vegan must-haves you can download me FREE pantry guide for 9+3 vegan essentials. It helps you to get a better understanding of basic food which you should always have at home. This basics facilitates your daily life for sure.

5. Always have your proteins ready to go

Tofu and tempeh have a great shelf life. This is why I always have a little stock (2 x extra firm and 2 x silken tofu plus 2 x tempeh) in my fridge. Prepared the right way these products are not only delicious but also help to get your daily protein. Having high-protein products available allows to prepare a filing and satisfying meal. If you don’t want to cook and rather prefer a cold dish you can try this super quick vegan tomato mozzarella salad.

Great! That were my five time saving cooking methods which I wanted to share with you today. I hope this article helps you to make yourself healthy and quick meals even during a busy day. With a little planning you can get great delicious meals on the table without wasting time!

What’s your time saver method number one? Share your experience with me in a comment below or write me an email infoveganstars@gmail.com – looking forward exchanging with you!

Do you want uncomplicated and time saving recipes on the go? Download my cookbook for“5 quick & easy recipes TO GO”Click on the picture below and get your issue directly after payment straight to your mailbox!

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Happy cooking! Glad you are part of my community!


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5 easy tips how to cook quick vegan meals

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  • Sich good tips – thanks for sharing. And i really love the „to go“ recipes! They look all gorgeous. Can’t wait to try them. Thanks for your work 🙂

    • Patricia Schillaci
      2019-03-20 0:13

      Thank you for the feedback, Doreen! So happy about your kind words and hope you enjoy the recipes!


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