Brownice, Singapore



Location Brownice

                                           Location Brownice

Brownice, Singapore

In November 2016 I have been in Singapore for a few days. After an interesting walk through the city, I was heading to this fantastic vegan Italian Café called „Brownice“. Are you ready for another culinary recommendation? Here we go…


„Brownice“ is in the small yellow house (right side) in Sing Ming Road, Singapore. Check out their logo. Did you find it? Okay, Okay, I admit their logo is very small. It is located in 8 Sing Ming Road, Singapore (you can find the address and location under the post) but they also have another branch in 53 East Coast Road, Singapore. It is a bit hidden, so you need to prepare the route in advance.

Price and Service:

I have arrived at the Italian Cafe in the morning. That time, I was the only customer. The staff seated me and was offering their menu to me. The prices are already touching a higher level. Actually, I am willing to pay a bit more if the quality of the food is accordingly high. After asking for the chef´s recommendations, I have decided to get a main dish and a dessert. From placing the order until the food was served it took around 10 minutes.


„Brownice“ is famous for their homemade ice cream (16!!! flavors) and desserts . Besides the ice cream „Brownice“ also offers some Starters, Pizza, Pasta and Risotto. Don´ t miss to check their menu. All dishes they have on their menu are animal product free. I have ordered the Sicilian Arancinis with Tomato Gravy and the waffles topped with chocolate ice cream. Both dishes were freshly prepared. The main dish could be bigger, but it was sufficient to be full and a good size if you still want to additionally enjoy a dessert.

The Menu:

brownice-menu1Brownice-Menu Page 1


Brownice-Menu Page 2Brownice – Menü Seite  2



Service:         ˜

Food:             ˜ ˜

Total:             ˜ ˜ ˜


Brownice, 8 Sin Ming Road, #01-03 Sin Ming Centre, Singapur 575628, +65 6456 6431
Sun – Thu: 12:00 – 22:00, Fri – Sat: 12:00 – 22:30

Each of three categories location, price and service can obtain maximum one VeganStar (˜ ˜ ). The Food is evaluated with maximum three VeganStars (˜˜˜˜˜˜) which correspond to the interpretation ˜˜˜˜ = so so, ˜˜˜˜ = yummy and ˜˜˜ ˜˜˜= awesome. For all four categories six VeganStars (˜˜˜˜˜˜˜˜˜˜˜˜) can be obtained in total.


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