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My name is Patricia, born and raised in Germany. My Italian roots give me my necessary passion for what I’m doing. Besides my interest for travel I love to experience new cultures and to connect with people from all over the world. Since 2010 I spent 6 beautiful years in China, almost one year in the wonderful metropolis Bangkok and I live in the US recently. 

My big passion is COOKING and especially, the vegan kitchen conquered my heart a few years ago. In 2016 I decided to quit my job as a project manager and to focus on making my dream come true: building an own cooking school to teach people a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. My study of international business gives me the necessary knowledge I need to make myself independent and to build my own business.

Recently I started an education as nutritionist to consolidate what I learned during the past years being a vegan. The education allows me to create a strong foundation for my future plans. On this website I make you part of my personal journey and share my progress, lessons learned, experiences, enlightments but also my defeats regarding vegansim, my business and my personal growth.

During the years of being vegan I gained extended knowledge about various vegan cooking methods, nutrients, vegan and non-vegan products, vegan travels and other topics which touches my daily life. My journey strengthened the relationship to my body and I feel as good as never felt before.

I strongly believe that adapting a balanced whole food plant based diet was one of the best and the healthiest decisions in my life. Not only I’m more energetic and strong but I also feel healthy and balanced from the inside. And I’m convinced I can support you on your journey to feel the same!

Veganizing classic dishes is one of my speciality. My goal is to cook the most delicious & healthiest animal product free food and provide the best fuel to my body. During the last years I learned about new ingredients and created a huge variety of enjoyable recipes. For me, cooking without animal products is an holistic enrichment for my life. I know you are able to experience the same.

I truly believe food can be cooked in a flavorful and delicious way without harming other living beings AND without compromising in taste. Living in a belief system where exactly the opposite is taught and animal product free alternatives are an open secret since we were a child doesn’t make it easy. BUT there is hope! From my point of view this perception is NOT impossible to change! It CAN be changed because IT’S ONLY A HABIT.

Honestly speaking, I’m not a big fan of modern diets and other eating restrictions. Diets never bring you the desired success. Instead I advocate the approach to learn listening to the body while embracing the journey. It’s my goal to eliminate outdated dogmas and to help you developing towards eating habits which give you freedom. I teach you where to start to achieve a healthy, energetic lifestyle AND how to stay motivated & consistent in a world full of temptations.

By following my journey you will learn which benefits you’ll gain from removing animal products from your meal plan and how you can enjoy delicious meals without counting calories, feeling guilty and staying motivated.

I help you to achieve the best version of yourself and achieve the highest possible level of health. With my website I’m not only supportng your first steps to a better life by sharing delicious recipes made with  love but rather create a base to draw a holistic picture to provide a better understanding about the advantages of an animal product free lifestyle.

I’m taking by the hand and show you that a vegan lifestyle equals enjoyment, more energy and a healthier relationship with your body without sacrifice. I will help you to feel connected with yourself and the world while and you are able to achieve a better body feeling and a stronger health. Following a whole food plant based diet will not only do good to your body but also will strengthen your mind, body and soul. Plus you will gain more awareness how everything is connected – human beings, nature and the world.

If you start to embrace the fact that a vegan transition is a life long journey it will step by step help to turn you into the best self you have always dreamed of!

I’m convinced that we can live a kinder, more thoughtful, healthier as well as more balanced lifestyle by simply making little changes every day. If you don’t want to do it for the billions suffering animals just do it for your own health. Health is the highest good we have! Health is not a given condition, it’s a choice. It’s YOUR choice!


On my website I’m sharing delicious & satisfying FREE RECIPES with you. Most of the times I’m creating easy dishes with a short ingredient list containing common ingredients you are already using at home. These recipes have the goal to make it easy implementing a vegan diet into your daily routine. Also keep an eye on FREE recipe books which are sometimes attached under the recipes.

In the section “COOKING CLASSES” you can find short cooking videos. The video instructions help you to get a better and detailed understand of my recipes.

All vegan topics which are keeping me busy can be found in the section “VEGAN TALKS”. Here you can take some minutes to read about topics which touching my daily life. Feel free to leave a comment, if you have any questions or want to exchange about the articles. Some articles contains FREE eBooks like pantry guides, TO GO recipes will facilitate your life – so keep your eyes open! 

The section “VEGAN TRAVEL” helps you to find vegan and vegetarian friendly restaurants which I discovered during my travels. It makes eating out vegan easier and comfortable.

Additionally, you can find a “SHOP – CATEGORY” section. The products I share were tested by me during the past years. If you like to buy a product I would be happy if you use the link provided in the article but it’s definitely not a must.

The page is suitable for everyone who wants to live a healthier, eco-friendlier and more social life. If you want to become the best version of yourself, my website is the perfect place to be. 

Hope you are enjoying your stay and you get inspired by what I’m doing! 

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I am looking forward building an amazing community together with you!